RMDS Championship Same-Day Unedited Video
$40 Per Test-picked up and paid for by cash or check left in an envelope at show office
$42 Per Test-picked up @ show & pd by visa or if payment mailed after the show
Additional $8 Per Award Ceremony

$20 Per Test to just watch your test in show office and not own or take your DVD
   $8 Duplicate DVD at the show
   $10 Shipping DVDs after the show
   $25 Duplicate DVD requested after the show

$25 Per Test if arranged prior to the show
   *Your YouTube Channel or mine
   * Please provide your e-mail and password
   *Tests uploaded within 48 hrs of end of show

$30  if requested at the show or after

SCHEDULE - underlined dates mean all rides are filmed. DVDs are ready for pick up & viewing in show office only 15 min after your test!

13-14  Fountain Valley - CO Springs
20-21* Autumn Hill Dresssage - Ft. Collins
*21st  Riders after lunch will be filmed on a "first signed up" priority..

10-11 Fountain Valley- CO Springs
25-26 Autumn Hill - Ft. Collins
July 31-2 Dressage in the Rockies - CHP

1-2 Dressage in the Rockies - CHP
14-16 Estes Park Dressage - Estes Park
18-24 Markel Young Horse Champs - IL

18-20 TBD RMDS Championships - Estes Park
29 Dressage at Devon - Pennsylviania

October 1- 4 Dressage at Devon - Pennsylvania